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November 2006



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Nov. 2nd, 2006



it's been busy at work this week which is great since i've been broke! crispin hellion glover is in town showing his film "what is it?" which i've seen before and probably won't shell out the twenty bucks to see it again at broadway performance hall. however, i will probably try to spend the weekend stalking mr. glover since i have an unhealthy fixation on him. the stalking will, however, take a break around 3 pm on sunday so i can go to richard hugo house and see yet another quirky soul, aimee bender, read from one of her intelligent, bizarre, and funny books of short stories. yes, i'm a nerd. a nerd that needs to do laundry.

Oct. 31st, 2006



today is halloween but it's also my dad's birthday and my father in law's birthday as well. i recently found out that iheartretards also has a dad with the halloween birthday. so i can easily say that i haven't met someone who has a dad born on halloween that i don't like. i know saying this is probably going to curse myself because whenever i make grandiose sweeping statements like this something always happens to prove me wrong. oh well. it was fun while it lasted.

in other news, david and i got this note from our downstairs neighbor that was slipped under our door. the first part of the note was apologizing if she has disturbed us with noise in the recent past. she mentioned that sometimes she has the sub woofer on for movies and music and that she's been watching a friend's cat that is a "talker." well we haven't noticed she has been loud so it was nice of her to apologize but no skin off our back really. then she goes on to say that she's been crying a lot lately because her brother is ill. this is sad and possibly could be considered a cry for help and that's fine too because she seems like a nice girl. then the crazy part comes where she adds this p.s. at the end of her letter:

"one more thing -- the night i was loudly moaning and woke you both up -- i was having a huge nightmare. i'm sorry i woke you -- but you thought wrong about it. i can hear a lot sometimes, unfortunately."

i asked david about this and we don't recall any night being woken up by someone moaning loudly. this is something i think at least one of us would remember. so since it never happened, i'm not sure what she thinks we said. did she overhear us talking about something else and thought we woke up from her moans and that whatever we said was in reference to her? or is she a nutcase? or was she high on drugs and paranoid while writing this letter in the first place?

so here goes my first ever lj poll:

Poll #857498 what should i think about my neighbor?

my neighbor is...

a total wack job. watch your back.
high as a kite and about to crash
not nuts but obviously emotionally distraught.
totally normal. YOU're the wack job.
just painfully misunderstood

i'm broke but i wanna do something tonight since it's my favorite holiday. anyone with suggestions or that wanna join me?? call me today!

Oct. 28th, 2006


so what i'm lazy

i know my journal still looks crappy and i only have one picture (but it is a stellar picture, isn't it?) but i just haven't had the time to do any fancy html crap. maybe since i'm off the next two days i'll work on it. or not. whatever.

last night david and i went to see jandek at on the boards. jandek is a total recluse from houston who has been making music for about thirty years now. i really shouldn't say "music" because much of it isn't very musical and i shouldn't say "is" because now that he has played a few live shows i guess that doesn't make him a recluse currently. if you don't know much about jandek you can always start by checking out his bio (of sorts) here. There's also some other links on the page that might have more detailed information including a link to the awesome documentary that was made about him a few years ago.

i didn't know what to expect to see. a lot of jandek albums are very primative and not melodic. some are beautiful and melodic (such as the song "nancy sings" in which "nancy" uhh...sings) and i had heard that he does all new material for each show. also something you should know about jandek is quite often he plays a guitar that is horribly out of tune. for years people never knew if this was done for effect (cause sonic youth still doesn't know how to tune their guitars to this day) or if he just didn't know how to freakin play. after his performance last night, it became obvious that he actually is a very skilled guitarist. in fact, the music was almost "rockin" in parts. david and i canoodled in the back and i was glad i married a man who likes the same wierd shit i do as much as i do.

needless to say that even though the show was over at a decent hour (and he played for over two hours!), i totally slept through my alarm and got to work thirty minutes late. thank goodness i didn't have an appointment until 10 or i would have been screwed.

well it's halloween weekend and now that rachel and i don't live in the 2109 house anymore there's no place for rachel to throw her famed annual halloween bash and all the other parties i know about seem really lame or just plain boring. i don't really feel like being surrounded by a bunch of drunk fuckers in costumes. i also am sick of how every year almost every woman i know feels the need to dress slutty for halloween. i have no problem with people who dress slutty during the rest of the year but i hate folks who are too embarrassed to do what they really want and use this as a copout. lame!

i'm gonna go play with the cats now and watch a movie with david which sounds like a much better evening than the parties going on tonight. besides, nothing could have topped the amazing night i had last night.

oh and since it's getting cold outside my creative juices are flowing. this basically means i will want to learn some new craft and will also think of and start about fifty new projects which i will be super excited about and will work on for the next couple of months until after xmas when i'll get burned out and say, "oh fuck it," and all the unfinished projects will end up in the trash or crammed in a desk/closet/box for an unspecified lengthy amount of time.

Oct. 27th, 2006



i was bored and wide awake so i thought i would start an lj account. i don't know how much i'm going to use this and i need another internet account/webpage thingamajig like i need a hole in my head but whatever. i think it might have been a good idea though because now that i'm done i feel sleepy finally. i'll make this look pretty and shit tomorrow. for right now i'm getting some much needed sleep. mmmmmm.

today was actually a good day at work despite the fact that i got there at 9:30 am and didn't leave until after 8 pm. lotsa new clients this week (big tippers woo hoo!) and the return of some old faithfuls i hadn't seen in a while (is EVERYONE freakin' broke in September??). i'm glad things are getting back up to speed because i need money for my new years mexico jaunt.